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We are going to introduce you to knots, splices and general ropework. You will learn anything from rope construction and maintenance to blocks & tackles, lashings & bindings and splicing. We try to cover knots and ropework which are essential to all boating activities.

Sheet Bend (video)

It is especially good for tying two lines of different diameter, and is much more secure than a reef knot.

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Bowline (video)

The Bowline is also known as the King of Knots as it is one of the most important maritime knots.

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Rolling Hitch (video)

The Rolling Hitch is used in sailing to relieve the tension on a line or chain. You can slide it in one direction but not in the other.

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Clove Hitch (video)

The clove hitch is used most commonly to tie your fenders onto your boat. It is easy adjustable, since feeding in rope from either direction will loosen the knot to be tightened at a new position. 

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Reef Knot (video)

The reef knot is used to tie two ropes together of equal diameter, it is, however, quite an un-secure knot.

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Figure 8 Knot

The figure 8 knot is sometimes called the Flemish knot. It is used as a stopper knot and is quick and easy to tie.

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